Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Riusuke Fukahori

Coming back to the theme of existence Riusuke Fukahori produces shoals of goldfish using painted layers sealed within resin creating a static scene. see the process here.

Scottie Wilson

Scottie Wilson highly ornate and systematic work maybe of help to those of you tacking darwin, the layers within the drawing and within the images themselves give some impression of ages or epochs passing. His images were later used for Royal Worcester pottery. 

Michael Landy

Landy's project Welcome to My World is the documentation of late fathers final years of life. Images range from body parts to objects; for those of you interested in the existential issues raised by the work of Descartes this work may help you deal with this issue what constitutes human life. 

Doig and Katz

Peter Doig and Alex Katz both have worked with the representation of night. For those of you who have chosen the Dickens Night Walks their paintings are a good source of information about colour and how it is altered by artificial and low light levels. 

Luc Tuymans

As a Belgian Tuymans investigated his countries colonial past in Zaire. For those of you working with An Image of Africa, this may help you tackle looking in hindsight at the attitudes of nations and individuals in the past. 

Persephone Books.

Persephone books specialise in the reprinting of forgotten mid century non-fiction and fiction work from mostly women writers. They source period fabrics to become the endpapers, all of their publications covers are flat grey giving the end papers more weight.