Friday, 18 February 2011

Show thoughts.4

Hero - Enzo Mari.

Show thoughts.3

Some images from the Stockholm Furniture Fair [thank you to ItsNiceThat]. Some interesting use of raw ply wood - structure within structures and 'accent colour'. Again could be thought of as part of a labelling or navigation system.

Show thoughts.2

cronky and a bit weird.

More Jurgen Bey - but with a sense of how to bring together disparate elements - may just need a single colour? Lots of different bits of second hand furniture / pallettes / found-made furniture that can be used for showing 3D work / books / zines etc?

Show thoughts.1

Nice, modular, multi layered 'desk' space by the Boroullec brothers.

Show Thoughts

Jurgen Bey's 'slow car' see here.
It would be useful to start thinking constructively about showing systems - and to start thinking about how a 'look' to the show may help to unite the work.
It may also be good to think about the purpose of rooms - 2D/3D, a room for a shop? for instance.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Unit 10 3.6

For anyone unfamiliar or glazing over at the prospect of 'organising' material remember that systems are your friends. Muller Brockman, god of the grid, will light the way. Essentially very simple, break your page up in to squares/oblongs/regular shapes and put your information inside them whether its text or image. It works.

Unit 10 3.5

for any last minute presentation problems i.e sourcing a good archive box and acetone sleeves try silverprint Photographic suppliers here.