Monday, 17 January 2011

Unit 10_3.1

You can see here that the document has been formatted - again it is very 'quiet' design that allows for the information to accessed readily. This is not necessarily the only way to present - the principles of presentation that are being applied here can translate in to material that has more 'personality'. See below:

A newsletter produced by Sara de Bondt for the British Council courtesy of here. Superficially looks like a piece of typeset design but if you look more closely you will see that it is all hand rendered.

However the principles of design are being used to give the pages consistency and to allow for legibility - so the page is ranged in to two columns of text with spot illustrations dropped in to the grid. During the 'publish' project in the second year you have been introduced to these core principles of layout - now may be a time to employ them again?

So the formalities of Graphic Design are being maintained here but approached using a more hand-made/idiosyncratic method.

More from the prodigious output of Sara de Bondt [from here] further describes how you can isolate key moments from say a sketch book, and format to show with real clarity the direction and development of ideas and work.

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