Monday, 17 January 2011

Unit 10_3.3

There is a slight overlap here in the image - apologies again. However staying with the idea of a 'context' for the process. What is being described over the next few images is the direction and content of the secondary research that helped with the development of the project. It goes some towards describing the breadth, range and most importantly the synthesis of the information. See here for a definition. The idea with the processes of research being that you are helping to identify ideas/objects/images/textures/abstract concepts that relate to the subject and bring them together in a coherent body of work - that is the process of synthesis that we are describing here and is being described through this example document. You need to show that your research is being considered/combined/developed and where necessary edited out.

A quick tip; if you are making use of the internet and finding material that is relevant you can get a quick screen grab of it - it helps describe the journey that you have taken. Again the processes of synthesis apply - you need to show [visually/literally] how these things are significant and have helped shape your ideas and processes.

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