Sunday, 9 October 2011

Four Corners Books - 'Familiars' series

Many of you are interested in books - so I thought I'd draw attention to the publisher 'Four Corners' and their 'Familiars' series - where classic texts are re-interpreted by contemporary artists and illustrators. For example in 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' (Oscar Wilde) - a story about male vanity - the text is published in its original magazine format - alongside ads featuring über-cool looking 70ies men smoking Gitanes. In 'Dracula' the artist James Pyman returns to the original text to find lots of quiet moments in between the clichéed blood and gore.

A refreshing reminder that as illustrators you don't have to illustrate plot or characters - the text is already busy dealing with this - you could reinvent, reimagine - look sideways at what is happening just outside of the scene, think about prequel or sequel, focus on secondary characters, displace or rearrange......

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