Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Further thoughts on the Sci-Fi BOOK project

Over the summer you were sent various pieces of information about the Book project - Tansy provided a template for ways of thinking about the content of your chosen Sci-Fi book, here is it:

I hope this project will also appeal to others for whom the genre is also slightly alien/unfamiliar and not just the more nerdy escapists amongst you.. Although it is billed as a book project, on reflection I thought the headings of the exhibition might provide an equally stimulating basis for a well researched series of images and they are:

Future Worlds (including predictions made by writers of the past)
Virtual Worlds (of dreams, the imagination and cyberspace)
End of the World (apocalyptic tales)
Parallel Worlds (eg via time machines)
Alien Worlds ('moon men' were described as far back as 1638..)
Perfect World?(Utopias)
We will be posting over the coming weeks about this - with references to material that may be of interest and have some relevance -  

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