Thursday, 7 October 2010


Fans of Nobrow will be familiar with Blexbolex, French cartoonist, comic book artist, Illustrator etc etc. There are lots of things to say about Blexbolex, not least his technical mastery - I am also interested here in the 'total' narrative. you will remember the exercise that you were required to do during the 2nd year - tell the whole story in a single image - whilst this is not necesarily an example of that it does highlight the possibility of the spread to convey a huge amount of visual information as well as suggesting the passage of time.

Limitation and palette control - I know I'm going on.

Sequence and storytelling - this image combines Blexbolex's considerable powers - a 'strip' that has graphic 'umph' and chromatic control - its quite busy but still legible.

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  1. Blexbolex will be coming to London to exhibit at Nobrow Gallery on the 17th of November 2011 along with long time exhibition collaborator and friend Atak (Ada, Nobrow ©2009), he will be exhibiting new works from his upcoming Graphic Novel 'No Man's Land' published by Nobrow press in the same month. Come to get your signed copy of his amazing 140 pp tome and to see how he works in the flesh. For more information keep an eye on