Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stephen Russ

Stephen Russ produced these jacket designs/illustrations for the Penguin Poetry series during the 1960s [they feel very fresh and contemporary though no?]. See here for a fairly substantial archive of his work.
Whilst the set of imagery you produce for the 1st option will need to form part of a family each will have a different role or temperament - think of this one as the attention seeking middle child. The book Jacket is a piece of marketing, its role is to encapsulate a theme, brand, big idea in a single image. In many ways there are similarities between it and a piece of editorial Illustration as the intention is to coerce the viewer in to reading more, looking again and in itself needs to retain just enough enigmatic allure to make the viewer want more. So, different to a spot illustration or a more substantial spread.

Back to Stephen Russ - technically exquisite drawn images that simultaneously shout modernism, form based aesthetic and heritage - history - English-ness? Consider abstraction and pattern and test the opportunity to marry those two approaches in a single set of images.

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